• Video introduction to CASCaid

  • What is CASCaid?

    A campaign to increase seasonal charitable giving to alleviate poverty and reduce our own stress.
  • Revival, Not Survival

    The new book by CASCaid's founder Ruth Grayson reflects on the purpose of Advent
  • Giving Through the Nose!

    Giving the ‘Red Nose Way’ at Christmas
  • The Cost of Christmas

    Average spending is almost £500 per adult, and the stress level is enormous too
  • Topics for Talks & Sermons

    Some ideas for spreading the message about the CASC aid campaign
  • Free Resources

    Download printable versions of our newsletters, leaflets, articles for church magazines, orders of service and music with a focus on Christmas giving; and the Omega 'Taking A Second Look At Christmas' course.
  • Send an E-Christmas Card

    Why not send someone a Christmas greeting - and give the money you've saved to charity
  • Feedback - Have Your Say

    We’re interested in what you have to say about the CASC-aid campaign. You talk, we listen.
  • Spreading the Word

    Websites and publications with similar concerns.
  • Top Tips

    12 practical pointers to help your ‘red nosed’ planning and giving this Advent and Christmas. Spend less, give more and relax...

CASCaid is an awareness raising campaign only. It does not raise funds for itself or for individual charities.