• Video introduction to CASCaid

  • What is CASCaid?

    A campaign to increase seasonal charitable giving to alleviate poverty and reduce our own stress.
  • The Cost of Christmas

    Average spending is almost £500 per adult, and the stress level is enormous too
  • Free Resources

    Download printable versions of our newsletters, leaflets, articles for church magazines, orders of service and music with a focus on Christmas giving; and the Omega 'Taking A Second Look At Christmas' course.
  • Send an E-Christmas Card

    Why not send someone a Christmas greeting - and give the money you've saved to charity
  • Spreading the Word

    Websites and publications with similar concerns.
  • Top Tips

    12 practical pointers to help your ‘red nosed’ planning and giving this Advent and Christmas. Spend less, give more and relax...
  • Feedback - Have Your Say

    We’re interested in what you have to say about the CASC-aid campaign. You talk, we listen.

CASCaid is an awareness raising campaign only. It does not raise funds for itself or for individual charities.